April 24, 2024

TextMate command: dummy text generator instead of lorem ipsum

I hate having to go to a page every time I need dummy text like lorem ipsum. So I searched out for a random dummy text generator for my beloved TextMate. Unfortunately, the ones I did find, required another language installed, like Ruby, so I looked into creating one for bash. (since bash is installed by default and it’s the default language for making TM commands.

I created array’s of dummy paragraphs, then I echoe’d one of those paragraphs randomly.
Here is the code.

ARRAY[0]="Auf ya strudel octoberfest hinder ..."
ARRAY[1]="Auf nine die stoppern nine nicht ..."
ARRAY[2]="Sauerkraut leiderhosen du er strudel ..."
ARRAY[3]="Poppin stoppern pukein, frau mitten ..."
ARRAY[4]="Verboten handercloppen zur hast spitzen ..."
ARRAY[5]="Glockenspiel flippin oof sparkin achtung ..."
ARRAY[6]="Rubberneckin blitz pretzel weiner heiden ..."
ARRAY[7]="Ya frau sightseerin noodle thinken stoppern ..."
ARRAY[8]="Deutsch, unter der meister spritz pretzel ..."
ARRAY[9]="Bin octoberfest sauerkraut meister hinder ..."
echo ${ARRAY[((RANDOM%10))]}

and here is how to add it to your Textmate or BBEdit.

Textmate’s command editor window with all it’s settings

So I hope that helps, for those of you whom want an easy way to add dummy text to their coding.
type “lipsum” and press TAB..

Oh you say, you want to know where I got the dummy text?

That’s pseudo-german, using the Greeking Machine at Duck Island.

Or get regular Lorem Ipsum at www.lipsum.com.