July 19, 2024



So lets start off with the name of the site.  Screwlewse is a name I came up with when I used to video game with friends.   We started off with Doom and then to Quake series etc.  I stopped at Quake3, but had fully integrated that name.  I found that this was a very unique name and portrayed my style of thought..   so I kept it.  It’s one screw that’s loose, which has a tendency to have me look at things a bit differently.  That is all I have to say about that.  😀

As you may have guessed from this website, I like to talk about Front End Engineering.. HTML, Javascript, Cascading Stylesheets, jQuery, and Performance in regards to the Front End. I enjoy a good code snippet from time to time, however my pet peave is remarkable CSS that only works with horrible HTML.



I tend to run in and out of hobbies.  I never settle, except for some that I really enjoyed when younger.

I also have a tendency to enjoy a bit of extra coding and fixing computers for my neighbors and friends. I know.. it’s wierd, but I enjoy helping them out!

If you are looking for my resume, you can find it here.