Error: Reformat using Sigmatec's reformatter

That was something like the error I recieved on my SanDisk Digital Audio Player (DAP). What was I to do.. most of the software that was able to fix it, was for windows. So I did what any intelligent tech geek-monkey would do. I turned to searched the internet. Turns out that you need a FAT or FAT32 partition installed. Mine was formatted for Mac.

How it turned out formatted for Mac is another story: Seems that dragging and dropping files works fine on my mac, but deleting files doesn’t. For some reason, the settings.dat file on the DAP does not know that I deleted files, so it holds onto the disk space. This means that deleting a file removed it from the DAP, but didn’t clear up memory. Ugh. This is why I reformatted–so that i could reclaim the space I had lost.

Unfortunately, the DAP barfed at the idea of being formatted for a mac. Trusty Google pointed me to the right direction for windows users, which could help me fix the problem. On my mac, I started Disk Utilitiy and selected the dap disk, clicked on the “Erase” tab and Erased using MS-DOS as the format. That was it!!!
The DAP worked fine from there on.

Now to only find a way around the space saving issue….. So I tried deleting the settings.dat file. This works fine, except it removes ALL files, and settings from the DAP. failure: I tried opening terminal and going to /Volumes/SDCMX/ which is the DAP drive. I used “rm” to remove files I didn’t want and that worked great. The file was gone and the space was recovered.

Happy Days.

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  • mikerosss

    Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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