How to get rid of saddle sores in cycling

I wanted to share this because I had quite a time with saddle sores last year, and I found a cheap and easy way to remedy the problem. It’s a bit unconventional, but works like a charm.

Here is the story of last year’s saddle sore issue.
My first year into riding, I bought a beginner’s roadbike, a Bianchi Brava, which served me very well.
I bought the bike and replaced the Bianchi seat with a Serfas gel seat. The semi big one with the gel top and an inset to help alleviate pressure on the private parts..

Now let me start off by saying that most of my riding problems came from inexperience and lack of knowledge. That and inproper fitting to my bike. The road bikes of today are so well made, that it is hard to find a problem with the bike… more-so, it’s a problem with the rider.

Oh yeah… gel seat… I was getting more and more fit, so I decided to take a ride with one of my more experienced cycling friends. We rode about 60 miles that day. The saddle sores were are result of that ride and for quite a few reasons.

1. I needed to have some kind of chamois cream for that area between the private parts, that can trap humidity and use it to “wear down” your skin and allow bacteria growth.

2. I needed to wash up as soon as I was done with the ride and make sure to wash the particular area of question. (fairly common knowledge, but it’s still worth noting)

3. I needed a seat / saddle that fit my butt/legs correctly.

Funny enough, the cushy saddles that would seem to be a savior to your butt, are more commonly the cause of problems such as saddle sores. They are typically too wide for your legs to move around freely and they cause chafing on the inside of your legs.

This is what happened and I tried all kinds of creams on the market to fix the problem. It only kept getting worse. Some of those creams are expensive too! So I tried something totally unconventional and i rolled up some toilet paper like a sleeping bag, and then stuck one on each side of the inside of my legs. ( using boxers wont keep the TP there, so use tightey whiteys)
I left the TP there for several hours and got another batch. I did this for two days and the problem was gone. Very nicely done.

The cost of the TP was close to 10 cents for the problem and it’s always available.